Simple solutions for parenting your child with ADHD.

Know What to Do. Know How to Do It.

Get Better Behavior.  


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When you know how to help your child with their challenging behaviors, everyday life becomes sooo much easier... 

Task Compliance

-boundaries for electronics, screen time, and video games

-hygiene and chore completion

-less overall nagging, yelling, or getting stuck in power struggles

-end the homework and academic battles



-reduce constant prompting and cueing

-develop executive functioning skills

-no longer need to do things for your child that they can do themselves

-know how to use specific visual and language cues to optimize success

Emotional and self-regulation / sensory needs

-reduce tantrums and meltdowns

-identify your child's specific patterns and what to do to help them

-understand how the ADHD brain directs your child's behaviors and what you can do to help

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics #1 Treatment recommendation for ADHD is behavior management through Parent Training?


Typical parenting strategies just don't work with kids with ADHD. You need strategies and solutions designed with how the ADHD brain works.

Wipe out challenging ADHD behaviors with expert strategies.

From an ADHD Certified occupational therapist and real life mom to a child with ADHD.

Hi, I'm Lisa!

  • I help parents who have kids with ADHD to create simple effective solutions for challenging behaviors so that their kids can be successful and there is more calm and less chaos at home.
  • School-based occupational therapist for 30+ years
  • Mom of two (one with ADHD and one with Sensory Processing Disorder)
  • Certified ADHD practitioner
  • Certified brain health coach
  • Presenter to parents and school staff
  • IEP/504 and school strategies specialist



More About Lisa

See what parents and teachers are saying ...

"Not only does Lisa collaborate with classroom teachers, families, and support staff, but she is a constant source of knowledge and information for strategies, techniques, and resources.  The growth I have seen in children with their focus, sensory processing, and social skills are strongly supported by the intervention and supports provided by Lisa.

Lisa takes time to listen and learn about each individual child and then develop an individualized plan that can be followed both at home and school.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone looking for additional resources or support at home or in the classroom. She is tremendously committed to her work, and her rare combination of expertise and true compassion has a huge impact on the teams and the students with whom she works!"  

Tracy B., special education teacher

"Lisa is a go-to resource for staff and parents where the concerns involve poor self-regulation, impulsivity, and distractibility. Her common-sense recommendations for interventions are readily implemented and well-accepted. We have been so fortunate to have her on our student services team!"

M. Sabine, school psychologist

"For the past six years we have had the pleasure of having Lisa work with our daughter Izzy. She has given us great insight and knowledge on how the brain and body function when development is not typical. The services she provides to our daughter are combined with professionalism and a good natured approach. We are so lucky to have her for services for our daughter."

M. and C. Lorenzo

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