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Easier Days Ahead

Know what to do. 

Know how to do it.

Get less challenging behaviors.

It's that simple. 


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Are you tired of being tired?

đŸ˜«Tired of not knowing where to start.

đŸ˜«Tired of spending hours searching for information, only to find it is not helping your child.

đŸ˜«Tired of not being the parent you want to be.

đŸ˜«Tired of desperately wanting to help your child but constantly falling short.

đŸ˜«Tired of watching your child struggle.

Isn't it time for something simpler?

Parent training is the #1 recommended treatment for kids with ADHD 

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SIMPLE STEPS to Big Behavior Changes

  • Follow a simple step-by-step success path toward a more calm, capable child and a happier home
  • Feel more confident and effective in your parenting- know exactly what to do and how to do it 
  • Reduce the battles and emotional breakdowns
  • Stop the weary cycle of constantly prompting your child and getting frustrated when they can't do it


What's waiting inside the Simply ADHD parent training program:

--->Masterclass training videos on your child's biggest problems and challenging behaviors (go at your own pace or watch them live)

-->Videos tell you what to do and how to do it using simple scripts and strategies

-->Short power-packed videos designed for busy parents 

-->Simple Step-by-Step Success Plan to know where to start and to see your progress

-->Community: small, private connections with other parents who know what it's like to raise a child with ADHD

-->Group Coaching sessions for live, ongoing support

Get immediate access to BONUS Executive Function Ratings Scales:

Find out your child's strengths and lagging skills in all areas of executive functions so that you can customize effective strategies and solutions targeted for your child's needs

Rate your own executive functions to boost your parenting skills

Match your strengths and weaknesses with your child's for more effective parenting results

Yes- Take me to the Membership!

Do These Sound Familiar? 

"Why does my child seem to struggle so much more than other kids?" 

"I am tired of losing my patience and yelling"

 "Why won't my child just listen?"

"Why aren't typical parenting strategies working?"

"I'm overwhelmed with ADHD information overload- how do I know what will work for my kid?" 


The Simply ADHD Membership will help your child to:

  • đŸ˜€Control their emotions
  • 🧠Build executive function & thinking skills
  • đŸ’ȘDevelop more flexibility and less rigid thinking
  • 😁Increase self-esteem
  • đŸ™‹â€â™€ïžđŸ™‹â€â™‚ïžAnd help YOU to be a calmer, more effective parent

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You want MAXIMUM results but do not have a lot of time to invest in a lengthy course

Monthly mini-masterclass video and strategies require less than an hour time investment and can be completed at your own time and pace

The strategies you are using now are NOT working

Typical behavior strategies don't work for kids with ADHD

Learn ADHD-specific strategies based on your child's unique needs 

You are looking for an AFFORDABLE



Courses and coaching can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars

One private therapy session can cost up to $300/hour (and 1:1 therapy isn't even effective for kids with ADHD)

The Simply ADHD Membership is NOT right for you if:

  • You are looking for a magic "quick fix"
  • You are not willing to try new strategies and stick with them
  • You are not able to invest an hour of time every month

Enjoy a Simpler (and more successful) way to raise your child with ADHD

Typical parenting does not work for kids with ADHD. Find out what does. No meditation required!

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Want a sneak peek of what's inside the Simply ADHD Membership?

Parent Patience Masterclass

How to deal with your child's challenging behaviors without arguing, yelling, or losing it

Meltdowns Masterclass

Know what to do to stop meltdowns from happening and what to do when they do

Discipline Masterclass 

Consequences, rules, lying, disrespect, and other problem behaviors

Communication Masterclass 

Know what to say (and NOT to say) so your child listens and learns better

Executive Function Masterclasses

Simple strategies to build and boost your child's executive function skills- get more home and school success and less challenging and problem behaviors 

"For the past six years we have had the pleasure of working with Lisa to help our daughter Izzy. She has given us great insight and knowledge on how the brain and body function when development is not typical". 

M. and C. Lorenzo


"I learned so much and found it incredibly helpful! I found your membership to be the most helpful of anything so far. Other resources I've used didn't give all of the scenarios and scripts that you give. I find those to be one of the best parts of the membership because I love the real-life application. The monthly videos you post are really helpful in explaining everything". 

Kikka Q.

Hi, I'm Lisa!

Nice to meet you!

  • I have been an occupational therapist in the school setting for over 30 years and have worked with hundreds of kids with ADHD
  • I am a Certified ADHD Practitioner and Certified Brain Health Coach
  • Most importantly, I am a Mom to two now grown children- one with ADHD and one with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • I believe in using research based systems and strategies, but they have to be practicable and doable- I know what it is like living the day to day challenges of raising a child with ADHD
Join me inside the Simply ADHD Membership